Maternity must-haves for fall

Pregnancy is a time when the body changes a lot, which means that the expectant mother must take care of the right wardrobe. While in the case of warm months it is not a problem, because we can bet on airy dresses or a sporty look, in autumn it can be a bit more difficult. Clothing must not only look good and provide comfort, but also protect against the cold. So we suggest maternity must haves for autumn.

How to dress pregnant in autumn?

This question is asked by many expectant mothers, whose advanced pregnancy period falls on the colder months of the year. Meanwhile, creating a warm, comfortable and at the same time feminine styling does not have to be difficult. It should only be remembered that the belly and back of the future mother should be covered. Therefore, it is worth choosing jackets and coats with a cut tailored to the changing figure. You can also choose from clothes you already have in your wardrobe. Oversize sweaters and sweatshirts, simple woolen dresses or leggings will certainly work well during pregnancy. If you want to ensure full comfort, you can use special belts that will protect your tummy from the cold and at the same time allow you to wear "ordinary" clothes.

Below you will find 5 proven suggestions for feminine and comfortable stylizations in which you will certainly feel good.

A simple knitted dress and a short jacket

Even on colder days, there are times when we need to look elegant. How to combine it with comfort and thermal comfort that the expectant mother needs? The answer is simple. Bet on a simple, classic knitted dress. The dress should stand out with a pencil cut and a uniform color. We combine it with warm tights and a short jacket made of materials such as suede or corduroy.



Straight-cut trousers and a cardigan

It's a simple styling that will work well at work, while shopping or going out with friends. All you need to do is to combine elegant low-heeled boots, pregnancy skinny pants, a solid-colored T-shirt and a cardigan sweater, which will not only add character to the styling, but also wrap you with pleasant warmth.

Jeans and a warm sweater

Currently, wide leg jeans or mum jeans are a real hit. Take advantage of it and stay up to date. You can combine jeans with comfortable ankle boots or boots on the post. By combining them with a warm sweater in your favorite color, you will ensure maximum comfort while looking fashionable.


Leggings and tunic
High-waisted leggings give you a lot of possibilities to create an interesting maternity styling for autumn and winter. A great idea is to combine them, for example, with cowboy boots with a wide, long upper and a flared tunic. This combination looks very feminine and at the same time is able to provide the future mother with freedom of movement and maximum comfort.
Sporty and comfortable
Especially in autumn, when the weather is not yet giving us a hard time, it is worth using comfortable and warm tracksuits. Combine them with sports ankle boots, a short maternity jacket (preferably quilted) and sports accessories such as a baseball cap or kidney bag to create the perfect styling for an active expectant mother.