Maternity nightgowns - sleep comfort

The health and well-being of future mothers is very important to us. Maternity nightdresses that we offer are made of high-quality cotton and soft viscose. The material adapts to the slowly growing belly, is pleasant to the touch, does not irritate the skin and does not cause allergies. This is important for the mother's comfort and in the later period, when the shirt will be used after giving birth, during close contact with the baby.


A comfortable sleep of the future mother is something she certainly deserves. But what to do if your favorite pajamas are too small and restrict your movements? A maternity nightgown from our offer comes in handy. It is soft and flexible, in addition, it has been equipped with solutions that help in breastfeeding. It is available in our store in various sizes and colours. The future mother's wardrobe should include a maternity nursing nightgown made of high-quality materials and with easy access to the breast. This will allow you to save time during feeding and use it to rest. The right choice also has a big impact on the quality of your sleep. If your due date is approaching and you start packing your hospital bag, it's a good idea to have a maternity nightwear for hospital.


Types of maternity nightshirts

Due to the access to the young mother's breast, maternity nightgowns can be divided into different types: with an envelope neckline, v-neckline, with detachable straps, with a tie in the neckline, side seam acces, empire line access and fastened with front buttons.

The V - neckline consists of two elements of the shirt that form an overlap. This is a universal solution and such shirts can be successfully used even after breastfeeding.


Women's maternity nightgowns with detachable straps are the most popular type of shirt. Just like in a bra, just unhook the strap at the front and you can easily and comfortably start breastfeeding.


The last type of shirt is button front maternity nightdress. It does not look like a typical maternity nursing nightdress, which is why it is often chosen by women. Buttons run through the center or sewn on the sides in the breast area.


You can also consider buying a 2-pack of maternity nightdress - if one shirt gets dirty - you will always have a second one in stock.


No matter what type of shirt you choose, make sure it meets all your requirements. The material from which the maternity and nursing nightgown is made should be soft to the touch, breathable and works great at any time of the year. The cut of a maternity nursing nightgown should be as simple as possible, without any additions in the form of lace or other decorations. An important element is proper bust support, so the size of the shirt should not be too large. With our wide range of women's maternity nightgowns, you will always find something for yourself! 😊