Pregnancy holidays - what do you need to remember?

Going on vacation while pregnant can be a pleasant experience. Despite the many ailments that occur during pregnancy, a properly planned trip can help us rest and relax. However, you need to consider every aspect of your trip including the trimester of pregnancy and your individual symptoms. Pregnancy holidays - what do you need to remember?


Plan your vacation time well

The best time to travel is during the second trimester – you need to be extra careful during the first and third trimesters, and you may experience an increase in many symptoms. For example, as a rule, in the first trimester of pregnancy, women get tired from morning sickness and react very negatively to any means of transport. It is therefore not the best decision to take a longer journey of several hours at this time - whether by plane, train or car. However, during the third trimester, women often get tired very quickly and feel a lot of discomfort in the sitting position - sometimes the baby presses on the internal organs, which makes it difficult to breathe and causes heartburn. If you are experiencing these pregnancy symptoms particularly hard, it may be a better decision to stay at home.


You must anticipate every eventuality!

It is also important to remember that even if we feel good in the third trimester of pregnancy, it does not mean that it will stay that way until delivery. There is a possibility that our condition will require consultation with a doctor almost overnight. Therefore, it is very important to prepare for such an eventuality in advance. Please check which hospitals are near our hotel and have their contact details handy. Therefore, it is necessary to take with you on a trip all the documents that certify the state of our health during pregnancy - ID card, pregnancy card, information about the blood group and the latest tests. Traveling to the tropics while pregnant? It is also worth looking carefully at all the arguments "for" and "against" going to tropical places. For example, let's include in our plans that before going to some places it would be worth taking preventive vaccinations - and some of them are forbidden during pregnancy. In addition, going to hot and excessively humid places can affect the deterioration of well-being and even fainting, fainting or dehydration of the body. Particular attention should also be paid to foods that our body is not used to, so as not to get food poisoning. Digestive disorders can also lead to dehydration.


Foreign travel in the third trimester

If we want to go on a trip abroad, we should check what restrictions have been introduced by the airlines whose services we want to use. It often turns out that after the 36th week of pregnancy, airlines require special medical certificates from a pregnant woman about the correct course of pregnancy, which allows her to take the flight. This is due, among other things, to sudden changes in pressure on board the plane - they can be dangerous for the well-being of the pregnant woman and the baby. If the doctor refuses to issue such a certificate to us, even if we feel well, let's not argue with his opinion. I'm sure he has good reasons for it.


What to take with you on a pregnancy trip?

When traveling, it is important to dress as comfortably as possible. Let us make sure that nothing oppresses us. Therefore, it is best to wear a dress as much as possible - then we can be sure that our tummy will not be squeezed in any way while traveling in a sitting position. The same applies to shoes. The best choice will be flip-flops or flip-flops that will provide air access to the feet and will not compress the ankles. Therefore, it is best to travel in the warm months, but not during the heat either. It is very important to take a pillow with you that will provide us with comfort during the trip.