The best summer materials

Pregnancy is one of the best times to be happy for any woman. This is a time that is very important to her and brings out her inner beauty. During pregnancy, a woman tends to wear loose and really comfortable maternity clothes. This also happens right after giving birth, where comfort is definitely more important than style, and the fabric should be child-friendly. So is there a knitwear you should pay particular attention to? - Yes!


Ideal Fabric for Pregnant Women

Many of us dream of a harmonious duo, and not only in the context of a relationship. Although the type of material a maternity dress or blouse is made of seems trivial, we assure you that it has a special value, especially in the summer. The holiday season is a time of high temperatures and the fact that most of our day is spent outside. Our body gets tired faster, sweats more and makes us appreciate the right type of fabric that adheres to our body in such moments. If we were to point to our top - it would of course be maternity clothes made of environmentally friendly and ecological fabrics that not only protect our body, but also the environment. Organic fabrics such as cotton, linen, and hemp are far superior to synthetic fabrics because they don't contain dangerous chemicals that put your body and baby at risk during and after pregnancy.



Flax is one of the first and at the same time the oldest plants domesticated by man. The first evidence of this was found in Egypt 6,000 years ago. The main benefit of wearing linen maternity clothes in the summer is that it allows air to circulate freely and repels heat. It is comfortable and has sweat-absorbing properties. Linen is a fabric that allows the body to breathe and cool down. Due to its structure, linen can absorb up to 20% of its weight before it feels damp or wet. It is worth noting that linen is a material that does not cause allergies, does not electrify and is resistant to abrasion.



When it comes to summer clothes, cotton is one of the best options. Like linen, it absorbs sweat from the body and helps the skin breathe. Minimizes the reproduction of fungi, keeping the body dry. Cotton is a light and airy material, which helps to avoid feeling hot. It also helps reduce the severity of any allergic reactions and is ideal for sensitive skin during pregnancy. Interestingly, cotton is used in its entirety and does not generate waste. The fiber is the main reason for its cultivation, but the seeds are used as animal feed and in the human food industry such as cottonseed oil. After harvesting, the stems of the plants are grown again in the soil.




Viscose is one of the most popular materials on the clothing market. It is an artificial fabric of plant origin. For its production, cellulose obtained from trees is used, and then it is chemically treated. Viscose has a lot of great properties that make it a popular fiber for work and not only in the clothing industry. Since World War II, high-strength rayon has been used to make tires, and strong utility fabrics have been used for everything from clothing to wrapping heavy loads of firearms. Viscose, as a cheaper and more durable alternative to silk, is very often used to create summer dresses, skirts or soft blouses that fit nicely on the body.


Synthetic materials

Polyester, elastane and nylon are undoubtedly synthetic fabrics. However, they are characterized by a very good system of moisture removal from the skin, which makes them top of the top in the production of sportswear. These knitted fabrics dry very quickly, fit nicely to the shape, which additionally emphasizes the figure. Although they do not cause allergies, their structure can cause electrification and attract pollen. Therefore, they are not recommended for allergy sufferers, but without fear and without much exaggeration. The fashion market is dominated by various mixes, which in the end create a wow effect. Beautiful long dresses, light and airy creations - all with an admixture of polyester or elastane. So you can see that even the best are not afraid to reach for proven and safe solutions.


Beat the heat and get the look of hot mum!

As many as there are materials on the market, so many can be our expectations and tastes. Certainly, what we recommend to you for the summer is all maternity clothes made of organic materials. However, you also have to take into account that such things will simply be very exclusive, and thus - much more expensive. You can always try to find a middle ground and combine it all with proven synthetic materials, which may not be entirely eco-friendly, but also won't cost a fortune. First of all, focus on airy and lightweight materials. Do not limit yourself to colors and patterns, but look at the composition. Provide yourself with comfort that will allow you to walk through the heat with confidence, and the only thing that will be hot is your sexy look.