Viscose - what is this material? We present facts and myths!

Viscose - what is it and what is it made of?
What is viscose? It is - next to cotton and polyester - the most popular material on the clothing market. Although it belongs to the group of artificial fibers, it comes from natural raw materials, more precisely from wood pulp. To create viscose, cellulose from trees (such as beech, pine or spruce) and a number of complex chemical and technological processes are necessary. The natural raw material must be processed, which is why this material belongs to man-made fibres. In the clothing industry, viscose fabrics and knitted fabrics are most often used. They differ in the weave of threads. In the fabric, they are connected at right angles, so it is not stretchy. In the case of knitwear, the threads intertwine with each other, resulting in a flexible material that fits well to the body.
Viscose - is it a good material for the summer?
Discover the benefits of viscose! When choosing clothes for the summer, you must be wondering if the viscose "breathes", i.e. it lets air through. So you will be happy that it is a very airy material, perfect for warm days! Viscose also has many other advantages. Both fabrics and viscose knitted fabrics quickly absorb and evaporate moisture, and, unlike polyester, they do not stick to a sweaty body. Soft, smooth, pleasant to the touch and easy to care for - this is viscose. Is it good material for summer? In our opinion, there is no better! For years, there was a belief that silk clothes were the best for hot weather. However, it has been proven that the sun's rays destroy silk fibers, so on hot days it is better to give up this delicate material.



Does viscose crease?

You already know what viscose is - it is a breathable material from which moisture evaporates quickly. Are you wondering, however, whether viscose creases? It depends on the type of thread weave. While elastic viscose fabrics usually do not require ironing, an iron will be necessary to restore the impeccable appearance of fabrics. You will surely be pleased to know that one of the materials that is quite easy to iron is viscose. What does it mean? Even if your viscose clothes need ironing after washing, it will take you literally a moment!

Take care of your viscose clothes!

If you want to take the best care of your favorite clothes, always check the information on the labels. Wash and iron clothes at appropriate temperatures, especially if the composition contains such a delicate material as viscose. What does it mean? Both fabrics and viscose knitted fabrics do not like high temperatures. Your light and delicate viscose shirts and blouses will not deteriorate if they are washed at 30°C. Always iron them inside out through a dry cotton cloth. The temperature of the iron should not be higher than 90-100°C.