Which nightgown should you pack in your hospital bag?

Among the first things expectant mothers buy when preparing for the arrival of the baby are the right nightshirts for labor and breastfeeding. You can get a t-shirt at the hospital, but it's much better to have your own maternity nightgown. Maternity nightgowns have a special cut that does not restrict movement. The material from which they are sewn is airy and flexible. Nursing shirts have appropriate cutouts that allow the nursing mother to easily attach the baby to the breast. They can also be equipped with quick-release buttons or an envelope neckline. In our store you will get comfortable and stylish maternity nightshirts in various sizes (from S to 4XL). We offer fashionable designs and a wide selection of colors, because we want every young mother to find something suitable for herself, feel good during her stay in the hospital and feeding her baby after returning home.



When buying a nightshirt for childbirth, pay attention to the composition. It is recommended that the maternity nightgown be made of light materials such as cotton and viscose. Our offer includes a wide selection of nursing nightshirts, we present multi-colored (pink, blue, gray, red, navy blue) pajamas for pregnant women and mothers-to-be - plain and in patterns (polka dots, checks or stripes). Of course, you can sleep in a regular T-shirt or pajamas, but the special cut of nursing shirts makes them much more comfortable in everyday use. You don't have to worry about how you will cope with feeding your baby while in the hospital, because thanks to tabs or buttons you will do it quickly and discreetly. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our range of maternity nightwear.



Why should you buy a maternity nightshirt?

In our online store you can buy good quality clothes for pregnant mothers. During this period your body shape changes, because the baby in the belly is growing. Happy Mama offers maternity and childbirth clothes, that provides great comfort when giving birth. This is an essential piece of clothing that is hospital bag must have. Future mothers in the last trimester of pregnancy need clothes with room for a growing belly. They must be comfortable when lying down and walking in the hospital corridor. When labor begins, they are easy to remove due to the unzipped back. Additionally, our nightgowns are designed for instant skin to skin contact with your new baby.


Functional and comfortable maternity clothes

Clothes for maternity and childbirth are the perfect solution due to the special cut that ensures maximum comfort. Made of natural, breathable materials, e.g. airy cotton, which is gentle on both mature and young skin. The fasteners on the back allow you to quickly remove the clothes - this is important, because delivery can happen earlier than expected, and there is no time to change clothes in the delivery room.


What to pay attention to when choosing nightshirts for hospital?

The birth of a child is an important event in the life of parents, so you need to make sure that everything goes according to plan in advance. A layette for a mother should contain a lot of necessary things, e.g. maternity and delivery nightgowns and nursing clothes. All sweatshirts and nightgowns for a woman in labor should be equipped with zippers, straps, pockets and buttons to facilitate comfortable care of the baby. When choosing a hospital nightshirt in our store, you can choose between plain, simple patterns or you can opt for maternity clothes with frills, lace or flower print - which will make you feel beautiful and feminine. The material from which our nightgowns are made is pleasant to the touch and delicate, easy to keep clean, dries quickly and is suitable for ironing. We recommend preparing at least 2-3 maternity shirts for delivery and breastfeeding to the hospital, because such clothes often get dirty and need to be changed many times a day. The perfect solution in this case is to buy 2 packs of nightgowns - you will be sure that you always have extra clean nightgown.